IBM predicts five innovations for the next five years

As the end of the year approaches, analysts and pundits are lining up their predictions for what's coming in the next one. IBM is looking a little deeper into the future, and the company has released a video outlining five innovations it thinks we'll see come to fruition in the next five years. Check it out:

For those who haven't watched the video, IBM expects we'll see sensors in personal electronics devices tapped for large-scale environmental data collection, the emergence of interactive holographic interfaces, a tenfold increase in battery life, greater recycling of the heat produced by data centers, and the rise of adaptive traffic systems that make GPS a heck of a lot smarter. Also, CPUs will get faster, GPUs will gain more shader cores, and SSD prices will fall—although people will still complain that they're way too expensive.

Some of IBM's predictions are more outlandish than others. Given the progress we've seen over the last five years, it seems doubtful than the next half-decade will really better battery life by an order of magnitude. And, while I'd love a holographic display within the next five years, somehow I don't see it happening.

That said, GPS devices are already becoming smarter and data centers more efficient about how they use energy. The foundation certainly exists for large-scale data collection, as well, although its success may depend more on peoples' willingness to share information about their surroundings than the technology itself. Thanks to Tested for the tip.

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