TR reviews the Antec SX-1030 case

A while back, Andy cast aside his old Antec KS-188 case, and (to his own surprise, I think) bought himself another Antec product: the new SX-1030 ATX enclosure. He's lived with it for a while now, and built and rebuilt his PC inside of it. Now have a look at his take on this promising mid-tower case. Here's my favorite feature:
Everybody loves the idea of a case that opens without tools, but typically that either means screws that turn with your fingers instead of a screwdriver or simply leaving the screws out of the side panel and hoping it doesn't rattle or fall off. The Antec panel opens with a simple pull of the latch, then swings out and comes off. When it's time for the panel to go back on, just push the front edge snug and swing it closed until it latches.
It's like case nirvana or something. Read on...
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