Deal of the week: Pre-Christmas bonanza

Don't tell anyone, but I'm getting the feeling that online retailers are trying to woo late Christmas shoppers. At least, the ongoing pre-Christmas sales at both Newegg and NCIX certainly suggest so... and if you haven't already maxed out your credit card this month, there are some nice deals to be had.

I'm seeing at least three meaty bargains Stateside. First, you can grab Intel's Core i5-760 for $179.99 instead of $204.99 at Newegg by entering the promo code "EMCZNZV73" on the checkout page. Also, Newegg is currently offering Asus' GeForce GTX 460 768MB DirectCU graphics card for a cool $139.99 with free shipping (down from the usual $169.99). A mail-in rebate card can potentially lower the price to a tantalizing $119.99... if you ever get that check in the mail, of course.

Over at Amazon, Samsung's 1TB Spinpoint F3 hard drive is available for only $54.99 shipped. That's got to be the lowest price tag we've ever seen on this Editor's Choice award-winning 7,200-RPM drive.

North of the border, NCIX has a promotion running until December 23, and among other items, you can snag Kingston's 64GB SSDNow V100 solid-state drive for a cool $99.99. If you haven't upgraded your laptop to an SSD yet, now's a great time to do it.

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