Wednesday Shortbread

7 Up

  1. WSJ reports Microsoft to reveal new version of Windows;

    Windows on ARM chips: Intel impact – C|Net

  2. How will Microsoft address the ARM-based tablet space?
  3. DSLReports: FCC votes yes on network neutrality rules
  4. FCC: Yup, we’re going to stop “paid prioritization” on the ‘Net

    and why everyone hates new neutrality rules—even NN supporters

  5. Fudzilla reports Nvidia’s “GTX 560” detailed
  6. Kotaku: Call of Duty giant suing rival over Modern Warfare meltdown, paints uglier picture
  7. Shacknews reports Call of Duty: Black Ops sales pass $1 billion


  1. TC Magazine: VoodooPC founder, ex-hp man Rahul Sood joins Microsoft

    and ITC investigating Motorola’s patent complaints against Microsoft

  2. AppleInsider: Wozniak defends free Internet; mobile networks get exemptions from

    net neutrality and patent holder sues Apple over video compression technology

  3. WSJ: Former hp CEO Mark Hurd wants accuser’s letter shielded
  4. GigaOM: 20% of all peak traffic due to 3.5M Netflix data hogs?
  5. SuperSite for Windows has a look ahead to the tech trends of 2011
  6. ‘After the Jump’: Hyperlinks aren’t hyperspace
  7. HotHardware’s Two and a Half Geeks 05 webcast
  8. Engadget HD podcast 228 – 12.21.2010
  9. BCCHardware podcast #80

Hardware news

  1. The Consumerist: Is “Geek Squad Buy Back” how Best Buy plans on revolutionizing retail?
  2. VR-Zone: High-quality Sony Vaio P notebook clone spotted in China
  3. Fudzilla reports Digital Storm rolls out its xm15 notebook
  4. TC Magazine: EVGA adapter provides more power to your PCIe bus
  5. SemiAccurate: Jetway’s mini-ITX Brazos board revealed
  6. Engadget: Brando’s SATA HDD dock makes the obligatory leap to USB 3.0
  7. Fudzilla: Intel appears to be moving away from Google TV
  8. DSLReports has more details on Comcast’s new set top
  9. DigiTimes: Touch panel supply to be tight in 2011, says Cypress
  10. TC Magazine: Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G PCI sound card up for grabs
  11. Hi Tech Legion’s holiday giveaway spectacular – week 5
  12. Dealzon’s deals: $250 off 17.3” hp dv7t Select i5 / 8GB / Blu-ray, $550 coupon for

    15.6” Lenovo Y560 i7 / 6GB, $129 off 15.6” Asus A52F-XA1, and $80 coupon

    for Shure SRH840 earphones


  1. Google: Carriers should give Android users freedom to unlock bootloader
  2. IDC: Windows Phone marketplace to be third biggest in 2011
  3. C|Net has the 411 on AT&T’s 4G strategy (FAQ)
  4. Engadget: N-Trig teaches DuoSense to write on

    Android screens, tablet to come in the first half of 2011

  5. PreCentral shares rumor: palmPad details leak?

    [Updated: Sketches of an hp Slate ~ thanks dpaus]

  6. Engadget: Viliv to debut Android-based X7, X10, Windows 7-based X70 tablets at CES
  7. VR-Zone: Meizu M9 not for sale outside China, but gets English interface
  8. TUAW: Canadian government explores iPad use for high-ranking officials
  9. X-bit labs: PlayStation Phone to hit store shelves in April
  10. Engadget: Motorola has an LTE phone for Verizon in the works

    and LG Optimux 2X coming to T-Mobile USA by March?

  11. TC Magazine: HTC EVO Shift 4G smartphone handled and pictured
  12. Engadget: webOS 2.0 for the Sprint Palm Pre leaks out, added features in tow
  13. VR-Zone reports Android 2.2 Froyo comes to HTC Wildfire
  14. reports BullGuard launches Mobile Security 10
  15. HotHardware reviews HTC EVO 4G
  16. TUAW: Camera+ 2.0 is in the App Store, contains 328% more wow
  17. Download Squad: iPhone 4 gets gyro-powered panorama viewing in Safari, thanks to

    360 Panorama and Swype Beta for Android opens up again – don’t miss out this time

  18. Kotaku: Get some of the iPhone’s best games for under a buck
  19. Bloomberg: Kindle sales are said to exceed estimates


  1. Ars Technica: Did Microsoft just take interoperability too far?
  2. Microsoft launches new site for prototyping emerging HTML specs
  3. 5 reasons why Debian Unstable does not deserve its name
  4. Ubuntu Geek on indicator-cpufreq – CPU frequency indicator
  5. Computing on Demand on Firefox and zooming
  6. Ars Technica’s Outlook 2011 review: Exchange parity comes to Mac OS X
  7. APH Networks review Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 & Premiere Elements 9
  8. techETA reviews TuneUp Utilities 2011
  9. AppleInsider: Apple releases iPhoto 9.1.1, iPhone Configuration Utility 3.2
  10. Deploying the core optimized desktop using the Microsoft Deployment

    Toolkit 2010 and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2


  1. IndustryGamers: EA boss has no sympathy for Bobby Kotick
  2. Shacknews: Viacom sued over Rock Band payouts

    by former Harmonix shareholders, founders

  3. C|Net: Kinect to recognize finger gestures, insiders say
  4. VR-Zone: Logitech announces three new gamepads

    for PC, bundles surprise bonuses for MapleStory

  5. Ars Technica: StarCraft II (finally) gets a demo, no account needed
  6. Fudzilla reports Blizzard planning a new MMORPG
  7. Shacknews: Natural Selection 2 dev offers ‘Buy One, Get One Free‘ promotion

    for a limited time and Dawn of War II: Retribution trailer revisits the Blood Ravens

    and NEOGEO games come to PS3 and PSP to celebrate 20th anniversary

  8. NPR: Video games boost brain power, multitasking skills
  9. Gamepolitics: New book promises help with game addiction
  10. TF2, CS: Souce, DoD: Source, and HL2: Deathmatch updates released
  11. Phoronix on Linux gaming: Native vs. Wine vs. Windows 7 performance
  12. Hexus.gaming reviews Kinect Sports (Xbox 360)
  13. Steam’s holiday sale continues (current deals expire at noon CST)
  14. Get holiday chills with these shocking deals at Games for Windows Marketplace
  15. Alienware Arena reveals covert Call of Duty: Black Ops tournament sponsored by Nvidia

Systems and storage

  1. MissingRemote posts beginner’s guide to HTPC
  2. TR alum Dustin Sklavos on CyberpowerPC’s Compal NBLB2: Affordable gaming
  3. Legit Reviews has ECS P67H2-A Black Extreme preview
  4. Hardware Secrets have first looks at Biostar TH67XE and Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3
  5. [H]ard|OCP reviews Asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard
  6. X-bit labs review ECS H55H-I mini-ITX motherboard
  7. OCC reviews 8GB Corsair Vengeance PC3-12800 memory kit
  8. Big Bruin reviews 4GB OCZ PC3-12800 Reaper ULV dual-channel kit
  9. OCC reviews 128GB Zalman S series SSD
  10. OCIA reviews 120GB Vertex 2 3.5″ SSD
  11. BCCHardware reviews 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 SandForce-powered SSD
  12. Everything USB reviews Super Talent Express RAM Cache USB 3.0 flash drive
  13. Hi Tech Legion reviews Archgon MD-9102 mobile optical disk drive

Multimedia and casing

  1. Futurelooks reviews Zotac GeForce GTX 580 1546MB
  2. Rbmods on AMD Radeon HD 6870
  3. KitGuru’s XFX Radeon HD 6850 dual-fan CFX review
  4. XSReviews on Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1GB
  5. Examiner reviews Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma gaming headset
  6. TechReaction reviews Arctic Sound E361-BM ear buds
  7. ThinkComputers reviews Thermaltake eSports Challenger Pro gaming keyboard
  8. PureOC reviews Lian Li PC-T60 Test Bench
  9. techPowerUp! reviews Akasa noir S 2.5″ USB 3.0 enclosure
  10. ProClockers review Aerocool Strike-X front panel display
Comments closed
    • Grape Flavor
    • 9 years ago

    Should it really have been a surprise that once Activision acquired Infinity Ward, they’d “monetize” the CoD franchise into the ground, abuse the original developers so much they’d flee, blame it all on them, and then continue to milk their cash cow?

    But then again this was back when EA was Evil Publisher #1. Who would have thought EA would turn things around and Activision would take their place.

    • jpostel
    • 9 years ago

    Not trying to kill the messenger, but that GigaOM Netflix article is just bad math. All of this grinds down to the conclusion from a company called Sandvine, that Netflix accounts for 20% of all traffic in North America from 8PM – 10PM.

    The original FCC document cited all over the place lists 133M households, but the numbers used by BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield have “70 percent of broadband users, or 56 million”. 70% of 133M is 93M.

    Then the Netflix numbers are 16.9M total subscribers, according to Netflix. 66% of them (11.2M) stream content. So to get the utilization that Sandvine is claiming, roughly 3.5M Netflix users (33% of Netflix streamers) would all be streaming content at the same time every evening.

    I find this all so improbable. My household is way above average for tech savvy and usage (so too are most TR readers) and we maybe use Netflix for streaming 5-10 times per week and not usually at 8-10. I would say our usage is much greater during the weekend. There would have to be over a million seriously hardcore folks streaming Netflix (as opposed to other downloads) every single night to make up for the occasional folks like me and that seems WAY too improbable.

    • yogibbear
    • 9 years ago

    Raise middle finger.

      • gecko575
      • 9 years ago

      For no apparent reason.

        • yogibbear
        • 9 years ago

        Hand gestures for kinect…

    • blastdoor
    • 9 years ago

    Windows on ARM seems like kind of huge news, doesn’t it? But two years… that would be way too late. And announcing it now could hurt demand for current Wintel tablets. Seems kind of like a desperation move.

      • designerfx
      • 9 years ago

      not only that, but it’s just not going to work.

      The OS might, but third party programs or even other MS programs? Have you seen how badly they did office for Mac? I don’t even have a Mac and I have seen how bad it’s been via articles. It’s not like this will be any better.

      This is MS’s attempt to fail I guess.

        • blastdoor
        • 9 years ago

        I actually really like Mac Office 2011.

      • ManAtVista
      • 9 years ago

      Uhm it wasn’t announced, it was leaked.

    • henfactor
    • 9 years ago

    first. That is all.

      • sweatshopking
      • 9 years ago

      nobody can blame me for the first post resurgence. I might have posted one or two, but as it is, that’s more than even I can change…

        • dpaus
        • 9 years ago

        We can – and /[

          • khands
          • 9 years ago

          This is what is right, this is what is needed.

            • sweatshopking
            • 9 years ago

            noooooooooooooooo. I thought you loved me!!!!!

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