Brazos-powered Acer netbook revealed

What will the first netbooks based on AMD's Brazos platform look like? Now we know. At least, the Macles blog has posted specifications and pictures of an unreleased Acer Aspire One AO522 system purportedly powered by AMD's C-50 accelerated processing unit.

The system reportedly has a 10.1" display and a 1GHz processor clock speed, so it seems pretty netbook-like. However, Macles says Acer has opted for a 1280x720 display resolution—a nice step up over the typical 1024x600 found on 10.1" netbook panels—and thrown in an HDMI display output. That HDMI port will, of course, be hooked up to the Ontario chip's built-in Radeon HD 6250 graphics. Also, I should note the AMD C-50 APU features two cores, so it could have a leg up over its Atom rivals when it comes to multitasking.

Otherwise, based on the photos, the AO522 has a standard assortment of USB, VGA, Ethernet, and audio ports, and it looks pretty thin and compact. That thinness might explain the relatively short rated battery life, which Macles says is six hours. (Atom-powered netbooks can and do get close to the ten-hour mark with the right batteries, although they have less-powerful graphics and single-core CPUs.)

One thing missing from this story is pricing information. We can fill that gap with an educated guess, though. When we visited AMD for some hands-on Brazos benchmarking last month, we were told systems with 18W Zacate APUs would start at $399-449, while machines with the 9W Ontario parts (like the C-50) would be cheaper. Considering the higher resolution and dual-core CPU, it's probably fair to assume Acer will be shooting above $299 netbooks. Personally, I'd expect something closer to $400 than to $300.

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