Christmas Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. U.S. appeals court: World of Warcraft “bots” do not infringe

    video game developer’s copyright but DMCA claim survives

  2. SemiAccurate: Sweden could get piracy fee on external storage devices
  3. C|Net reports new IBM memory promises faster, higher-capacity devices
  4. Android Community: Android Honeycomb due for March 2011 release tip insiders
  5. Analyst: iPad 2 to sport dual-core chip
  6. DailyTech: Apple patent application outlines antennas behind corporate logo
  7. Engadget: Pantech Vega Xpress comes with DDR2 memory, extravagant performance claims
  8. PCWorld: Software said to match quantum computing speed

Christmas Day

  1. Net neutrality: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile react
  2. Toshiba and Sony sign memorandum of understanding

    for the transfer of semiconductor fabrication facilities

  3. Engadget: Monster sues Fanny Wang, purveyor of fine knockoff headphones
  4. TechFlash podcast: Best of 2010

Hardware news

  1. The Consumerist reports Microsoft replaces defective netbook, saves Christmas
  2. Digital Photography Review: Ambarella releases iOne

    image processing chip for hybrid cameras

  3. Engadget: Nikon D7000 firmware update released, cools down ‘hot pixels’
  4. Engadget: Asus O!Play Mini player ditches the USB 3.0 but keeps the 1080p
  5. Win a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11 laptop from
  6. Crave giveaway: 80GB Intel SSD


  1. C|Net reports FCC net neutrality rules reach mobile apps
  2. Motorola seeks ‘Xoom‘ trademark around the world,

    could well be the name of its Android tablet

  3. PCWorld reports BenQ to launch R100 tablet PC in early 2011
  4. Engadget’s Archos 70 and 101 Internet tablet review and

    Lenovo LePad & U1 Hybrid early hands-on and Skyfire for iPad hands-on

  5. BGR: Samsung’s SCH-I520 Android handset packs

    LTE and front-facing camera; headed to Verizon

  6. Engadget reports Meizu M9 ripped apart, out flies a Hummingbird processor

    and Nexus S gets its first update over the air and

    HTC Incredible HD teased for January 6th reveal?

  7. Android Central: Epic 4G’s Froyo update looking pretty good for a Dec. 26 push
  8. Engadget’s Dell Venue smartphone hands-on

Software and gaming

  1. Hulu Blog: Introducing playlists and a new way to browse
  2. KinEmote: Kinect gesture control for Boxee and XBMC media centers now available
  3. Ubuntu Vibes: New Shotwell version 0.8.0 released

    with video support, online video publishing, and more

  4. System Spec 2.87
  5. SlimBrowser 5.00.140
  6. VirtualDub 1.9.11
  7. Joystiq: Sony’s Hirai on the challenges of differentiating a PlayStation Phone and PSP 2
  8. Engadget: VUDU 2.0 interface is live on the PlayStation 3
  9. SuperSite for Windows on the Sony PlayStation 3 (as a living room set-top box)
  10. Shacknews Weekend Confirmed episode 40: Best of 2010 awards (podcast)


  1. Tech ARP’s 3TB WD Caviar Green review rev. 2.0
  2. Examiner posts Razer Tron gaming mouse unboxing, video, & first impressions
  3. Real World Labs review TViX DViCO Slim S1 Duo twin tuner HD PVR
  4. Funky Kit reviews 850W AData HM PSU
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    • anotherengineer
    • 9 years ago

    I was looking at the boxing day/new years sales here in canada and they suck, ssd’s are 20 bucks more and no 50MIR I knew i should have grabbed one that last week of november.

      • PetMiceRnice
      • 9 years ago

      Yeah the sales can vary based on what you are looking for. I may or may not pull the trigger on a new TV today, we’ll see. I’m in no rush to get out as soon as the stores open. I always approach Boxing Day/Week sales with no expectations. If what I want is there, it’s there. If it’s not, then it’s not.

    • RickyTick
    • 9 years ago

    *reply fail*

    • Deanjo
    • 9 years ago

    *deleted* failed reply

    • ClickClick5
    • 9 years ago

    Ron, let me be the first to say, thank you for the years of Shortbreads!

    Now, on apart from us Gerbils at TR, take a break man! Relax, it is Christmas!

      • NeelyCam
      • 9 years ago

      Ha – SSK is losing his touch

        • sweatshopking
        • 9 years ago

        It’s 1:47 am for your post! what are you doing awake?!

          • Corrado
          • 9 years ago

          Some of us enjoy our wives 😉 Or maybe he was waiting up for Santa!

            • sweatshopking
            • 9 years ago

            wives? i enjoy mine too. we were sleeping soundly!

            • Deanjo
            • 9 years ago

            I tried to SLi wives once but the laundry didn’t get done any quicker.

            • Farting Bob
            • 9 years ago

            I crossfired girlfriends once, i think it depends on what games you play with them, some work better than others.

            • plasticplate
            • 9 years ago

            Well, don’t ever crossfire them without alcohol, blows up in yer face… lesson hard learnt 🙁

            • Deanjo
            • 9 years ago

            I found the best results were from overclocking just one wife and using the other wife for physx. 😛

            • RickyTick
            • 9 years ago

            Maybe you guys need to update your “driver”.

            • MadManOriginal
            • 9 years ago

            You’re limited by the unchangable alternate frame rendering in that usage model.

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