Boxing Day / First Day of Kwanzaa Shortbread

The Fearsome Foursome

  1. FT person of the year - Steve Jobs
  2. TUAW on a video retrospective of Apple in 2010
  3. PCWorld on Microsoft's most glorious failures
  4. TC Magazine: Ion 2-based Commodore 64 remake taking shape, still not ready

Boxing Day / First Day of Kwanzaa

  1. Network World: White House says supercomputing 'arms race' could prove costly
    and vendors have Vision for future storage and
    SAF beefs up legal team after Oracle lawsuit verdict
Hardware news

  1. AllThingsD: Mossberg's best and worst products of 2010

  1. Computerworld: Apple's iPad finds a place in the enterprise
  2. PCWorld posts rooting your Android phone: FAQ
  3. Network World on reverse-engineering the Nexus S
  4. PCWorld reviews Reckless Racing for Android
Software and gaming

  1. InfoWorld: Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 flips Windows Automatic Update settings
  2. Computerworld: Microsoft offers holiday-themed HTML5 demos
  3. PCWorld: What if all the world ran Linux?
  4. InsideHW on Futuremark's 3DMark 11: Graphics cards on their knees
  5. Steam continues its holiday sale (current deals expire at noon CST)

  1. Hardware Bistro reviews Popcorn Hour A-210 NMJ
  2. MissingRemote reviews Roku XD|S digital video player
  3. t-break reviews Creative Tactic3D Sigma gaming headphones
  4. ProClockers review 850W SilverStone Strider Gold PSU
  5. OCIA reviews SilverStone SG05-450 SFF case
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