Dell takes slim Adamo laptop down to $899

Maybe it's the competition from Apple's refreshed MacBook Air lineup, or perhaps it's the fact that Core 2 processors are getting just a tad long in the tooth. Either way, as TechEye points out, Dell has slashed the price of its ultra-thin Adamo laptop from $1,099 to $899.

At that price, the 13.4" aluminum system costs a whopping $400 less than the cheapest 13" MacBook Air. The Adamo also has a quicker Core 2 Duo processor, twice the amount of RAM, and the same solid-state drive capacity, although it does have a lower-resolution display and more anemic integrated graphics (an Intel GMA 4500MHD instead of the MacBook's GeForce 320M). I'd say those compromises are well worth $400—unless you're dead-set on owning a Mac, of course.

Personally, though, I don't think I'd even spring for the Adamo. Call me cheap, but Dell offers a fairly similar aluminum design in the Vostro V130, which starts at $429 with a Core 2010-based processor and 250GB of mechanical storage. Throw in your own 128GB SSD for another $220, and maybe step up to a Core i3 processor for $199, and you're still $50 shy of the Adamo with a system that features newer integrated graphics and (apparently) weighs half a pound less. It's just too bad neither the Adamo nor the V130 have particularly capacious batteries, though. 30-40Wh really isn't anything to write home about.

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