Poll: Notebook battery life requirements

I spent a fair bit of time using my Acer 1810TZ ultraportable laptop this past week, and the thing's battery life continues to impress me. Even after a year of using the system on a pretty regular basis, I'm still getting about eight hours of surfing and writing time on a single charge. That's netbook-class battery life in a notebook, and one of the main reasons I've been able to resist the upgrade itch. The latest wave of budget ultraportables seems to offer less battery life than the last generation.

Because I use my laptop to work while traveling, long battery life is a big priority. Judging by the low-capacity cells that come as standard equipment with most notebooks, though, I may be in the minority. So, let's find out with a new poll: how much battery life do you require in a notebook?

In our last poll, we tackled LCD monitors—more specifically, the kind of panel residing in yours. Most of those who voted (38%) are rocking TN panels, no doubt in part due to their affordability and prevalence in laptops. 30% have IPS panels lurking inside their LCDs, while 10% are in the PVA camp. Interestingly, 15% of those who voted have no idea what kind of LCD panel they're using. The remaining 7% are still using old-school CRTs, which is mildly shocking.

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