National Chocolate Candy Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. DailyTech: Mozilla loses users names, email addresses, hashed passwords
  2. Intel: Why a 1,000-core chip is feasible
  3. TC Magazine: MSI Wind U270 AMD Brazos-powered laptop handled before CES
  4. Fudzilla: hp reveals Sandy Bridge laptops
  5. X-bit labs' Intel Sandy Bridge microarchitecture preview
  6. DigiTimes: Apple prepares three versions of iPad 2 for 2011, say sources
  7. Redmond Pie: iPhone 5 and iPad 2 to feature a dual-core CPU?
  8. Ars Technica: Ext4 filesystem hits Android, no need to fear data loss

National Chocolate Candy Day

  1. DSLReports: Vancouver thinks usage-based billing is lame
  2. FCC: ISPs can't use First Amendment as shield from net neutrality
  3. TechCrunch: Facebook overthrows Yahoo! to become the world's third largest website
  4. Ars Technica: Heavy Facebook users may have weighty amygdalas
  5. TC Magazine: Rambus and Renesas sign five-year license deal
  6. DSLReports: Read Comcast's proposed NBC merger conditions
  7. TorrentFreak: Court dismisses ShareConnector case citing faulty evidence
  8. McAfee: Smartphones, Apple top 2011 crime targets
  9. Windows Weekly 188 (podcast)
  10. TechFlash podcast: Best of 2010
Hardware news

  1. SemiAccurate: My Sony Vaio just caught fire
  2. Gizmodo: "Mint, flawless" prototype Apple Macintosh portable doesn't power up
  3. CES 2011: MSI prepares to showcase tablet PCs and notebooks
  4. Fudzilla: GeForce 500 mobile marginally faster than 400M
  5. DigiTimes: Global shipment proportion for 2.5"
    500GB single-platter HDDs to rise to 40% in 2Q11
  6. Expreview: Super Talent rolls out Indilinx-based UltraDrive MT series SSDs
  7. VR-Zone: LG to introduce world's largest full-LCD 3D TV at CES 2011
  8. DSLReports: People still don't find 3DTV that interesting
  9. VR-Zone: Apple Magic Mouse lookalike spotted in... Japan?
  10. Dealzon's deals: $175 off 14” hp dm4t i5 / 6GB RAM, $50 coupon for
    Logitech ClearChat wireless headset, and $400 off 47" LG LCD TV
  11. TUAW: Apple launches 12 Days of Christmas promo for various European countries

  1. C|Net reports AT&T ramping up public Wi-Fi access in NY, SF
  2. DSLReports: T-Mobile prepares 21Mbps mobile hotspot
  3. DigiTimes: Apple, RIM, HTC to account for 50% of global
    smartphone shipments
    in 1Q11, say Taiwan makers
  4. DailyTech: FCC leaks details of Dell Looking Glass tablet and
    WiMAX lights up Bay area, LTE-enabled HTC Thunderbolt 4G
    and Samsung Galaxy Player confirmed, ready for CES
  5. Apple planning to ship over 5 million Verizon compatible iPhones in Q1 2011: report
  6. PCWorld: Is Apple planning a 3D iPhone?
  7. t-break reviews LG Optimus One P503
  8. TechReviewSource's Samsung Evergreen (AT&T) review
  9. The Mac Observer: iOS 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak goes beta
  10. Ars staff picks: Our 10 favorite iOS and Android apps of 2010
  11. SuperSite's Windows Phone 7 app of the week: TWIT
  12. Kotaku: New owner of a Windows Phone 7? Play these games

  1. DSLReports Forums: Opera 10.x multiple vulnerabilities
  2. Fudzilla: Microsoft working on Office for ARM
  3. Ars Technica: Report strengthens suspicions that Stuxnet harmed Iran's nuke plant
  4. Phoronix posts AMD 2010 Catalyst driver year in review
  5. t-break's antivirus test 2011
  6. Unixmen on Indicator VirtualBox - Launch VirtualBox machines from your quick launch panel
  7. Ghacks: Set up Ubuntu to browser Windows network by hostname
  8. Ubuntu Guide: Enable Windows 7 Aero Snap function with Compiz in Ubuntu
  9. Ubuntu Geek: Appnr - web-based Ubuntu package browser
  10. TC Magazine: CPU-Z 1.56 is out and is ready for Sandy Bridge
  11. Sandboxie 3.51.09 beta
  12. CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1
  13. PeaZip 3.6
  14. D3DGear 3.99
  15. EverNote

  1. Kotaku: Charity computer game pack rakes in $1.8 million
  2. ReadWriteWeb: Lessons from the second successful Humble bundle
  3. C|Net reports CoD: Black Ops players fire for effect 87 min. a day
  4. Cataclysm hotfixes - updated Dec. 27 and upcoming class changes for WoW
  5. Big Download interviews Croteam's co-founder about Serious Sam 3
  6. Gamsutra: Bard's Tale co-creator Heineman lays out series' demise
  7. Big Download: Whatever happened to the Mac port for the original Half-Life?
  8. gamrFeed: Rare, unreleased original Legend of Zelda prototype unearthed
  9. SuperSite for Windows on a portable Xbox Live profile: Pros and cons
  10. Ars Technica on Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money DLC
    and masterpiece: Street Fighter II
  11. on Guild Wars 2: The fifth profession
  12. Ask a psychologist: Excessive playing of video games can affect relationships
  13. BC2 Vietnam tourney sponsored by DICE
  14. Duke Nukem fan movie

  1. Ninjalane on building an HTPC
  2. AnandTech reviews Asus N53JF notebook
  3. ThinkComputers reviews 256GB WD SiliconEdge Blue
  4. TweakTown reviews 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 3.5" SSD
  5. Techgage tests AMD Radeon HD 6950 & 6970 CrossFireX
  6. [H]ard|OCP reviews XFX Radeon HD 6870 Black Edition
  7. HotHardware's Western Digital WD TV Live Hub review
  8. Guru3D's Creative SB X-Fi Titanium HD review
  9. DragonSteelMods on NZXT Hades case
  10. Tweaknews reviews Corsair A70 CPU cooler
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