HP's slim Envy 13 drops to $999.99

Yesterday, we noticed that Dell's Adamo was the subject of a meaty price cut. Today, it's the turn of HP's slim and sexy Envy 13, which is now available for $999.99—down a whopping 30% from the previous $1,449.99 asking price.

The Envy 13 offers a formula very similar to that of the Adamo and Apple's larger MacBook Air: a thin, aluminum chassis, a low-voltage Core 2 processor, and a 13" display. Compared to the now-$900 Adamo, the HP system has a slower processor, less RAM, mechanical instead of solid-state storage, and fewer battery cells (although I'm not seeing a Wh number listed). However, HP makes up for the less impressive specs with a discrete Mobility Radeon HD 4330 GPU, which should be worlds faster than the Adamo's GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics.

Here, too, I should point out that HP offers a more affordable alternative to the Envy 13 for lovers of ultra-thin aluminum notebooks. The Pavilion dm3t eschews the discrete Radeon graphics, but it packs a Core 2010 CPU and a six-cell battery for just $549.99. Even maxed out with a Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 160GB SSD, the dm3t will only set you back $919.99. Sure, there's no option for discrete graphics, but I'm not sure a dedicated GPU belongs in a system whose thinness alone makes maintaining long battery life a challenge.

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