Brazos platform could power Acer tablet

On the mobile roadmap AMD showed last month, we noticed that the Brazos bubble was poking out slightly into tablet territory, with that platform's successor seemingly primed to make further headway in the tablet space. Now, DigiTimes has provided unofficial confirmation that at least one Brazos-based slate is on the way.

Quoting "sources from PC players," DigiTimes says MSI has already placed orders for Brazos hardware to put in an upcoming netbook, while Acer has done the same "for its tablet PC." That's about all the detail the site goes into, unfortunately. Nevertheless, a tablet design win from Acer would be big news. Acer is, after all, the world's second-biggest PC vendor in terms of shipments, according to Gartner.

I don't think I'm the only one expecting Acer to use Ontario, the 9W member of the Brazos APU family, for this mystery tablet. Zacate has an 18W TDP, which would make it difficult to squeeze into a lean slate with long battery life. Then again, even Ontario's 9W TDP might be a tad high for a tablet chip. Remember that the latest Atom netbook platform features a 5.5W processor with built-in graphics capabilities and a 1.5W chipset, and that Intel provides lower-power variants of the Atom. To AMD's credit, though, nothing in the Atom lineup has the same graphical horsepower as Ontario.

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