PC gamers first to unlock new Battlefield map

The Battlefield franchise cut its teeth on the PC, which remains the best platform for first-person shooters. However, recent chapters have also been available on consoles, setting the state for a little indirect competition. In the latest Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion pack, developer DICE included a bonus Operation Hastings map set to unlock after gamers completed an aggregate 69 million "team actions." Those actions include helpful tasks like repairing equipment, healing teammates, and distributing ammunition.

DICE has been tracking team actions by platform, and according to The Escapist, PC gamers have just reached the unlock threshold—well ahead of their console counterparts. Console versions of the Vietnam expansion pack came out a little later than the PC release, but DICE didn't start counting events until all three were out. The console folks are still way behind, though. The latest stats show Xbox 360 users at around 40 million team actions, while their PlayStation counterparts just crossed the 30-million mark.

Although I wouldn't draw too many conclusions based on those results, it's nice to see PC gamers mopping the floor with console users. Team actions are no doubt easier to complete when you're not fiddling with dual analog thumbsticks. Now, if only they'd let PC users face off against console gamers on the same battlefield. Thanks to Slashdot for the tip.

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