The best BX Board is gone

With a great sob and a deep sigh I regret to inform our readers of the loss of yet another quality hardware site from the Internet.

Andy Drake of has announced his decision to close down his site. His reasons are not all that unusual in today’s fierce web news industry. Things have grown larger than just a bunch of guys with good intentions and some spare time trying to share the wealth with the larger group of like-minded enthusiast.

It has becomes a battle for hits, a battle for the biggest part of the small advertising pie, and a fight to be the site with not the best reviews, but instead the one with first review. It is with those things in mind that the passing of only creates a larger wound to the community as a whole. Andy was one of a few rare reviewers left who pushed and tested the motherboards he received as far as he could. His testing often revealed bugs in BIOS revisions, memory incompatibility, hardware incompatibility, and many of the other issues that all of us in the real world have to face. Issues that the large hit driven sites conspicuously just never talk about or look for anymore.

He will remain in the scene continuing to share his solid knowledge and methodical testing techniques with us all. Good luck in your endeavors and I look forward to seeing work from you in the future Andy.

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