Final Jeopardy question: GeForce 3 price?

This is likely the most hotly contested aspect to the new GeForce 3. As ultimately all personal preferences aside what is going to determine more than anything else if this new beast will grace your box is price. Am I right?

Hercules seems to be aiming to be the first on out the gate or at least arriving at the same time right along with the rest of the big dogs. Their press release details how both the GeForce 3 and Hercules will save your soul and exactly how big a tithe you will have to pay in order to receive that blessing.

A cool half a grand; the card will retail for $529.99.

I have to wonder how much of that price is being directed toward the 64MB of 3.8ns 528MHz effective DDR, how much of it is going to the PCB, and to the fifty-seven million-transistor chip sitting on top. If anything I would fathom that the memory is the most expensive part of these cards.

Nonetheless the price is far better than the $600 to $700 USD that many were predicting. Then again $529.99 isn’t exactly chump change. Well, it isn’t to me any ways.

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