National Shortbread Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Microsoft CEO's keynote from CES 2011
  2. CES: What Microsoft's Ballmer didn't say
  3. Hardware.Info's AMD Fusion APU review (in Dutch)
  4. Intel Insider - What is it? (No, it's not DRM, and
    yes, it delivers top quality movies to your PC)
  5. IndustryGamers: Valve sees console experience in PC thanks to Intel
  6. AnandTech: Ask your Sandy Bridge questions here, Update: Now with answers
  7. Ars Technica: Windows on ARM official, but leaves many questions unanswered
  8. Fudzilla: Nvidia believes that x86 is history

National Shortbread Day

  1. Fudzilla: AMD CEO talks about HD 2.0
  2. The Engadget inteview: Notion Ink's Rohan Shravan
  3. DSLReports: Like Netflix, Roku underestimates per-byte broadband threat
  4. Network World: Is your IT job safe in the cloud?
  5. The Engadget Podcast Show 001 from CES 2011
Hardware news

  1. Fudzilla: Intel's Sandy Bridge still under NDA
  2. DigiTimes: Price becomes priority for consumers purchasing notebooks
  3. Fudzilla: AMD shows off four Fusion notebooks
  4. DailyTech: Samsung shows off tablet / netbook hybrid running Windows 7
    and Samsung preps 13" 9 series ultra-portable laptop
  5. Engadget: Samsung RC512 snatches up Intel's latest Core i7 CPU, RV511 sticks to older cores
    and Toshiba updates Qosmio X505 with new Core 2011 processors and Nvidia graphics
    and Toshiba doesn't give up on netbooks, officially announces Mini NB305 and NB505
  6. X-bit labs: Samsung develops world's first DDR4 memory
  7. DRAM supply to be 28% more than demand in 2011, says DigiTimes Research
  8. Fudzilla: Western Digital outs 750GB notebook Scorpio
  9. AnandTech on OCZ's Vertex Pro 3 demo: World's first SandForce SF-2000
  10. StorageReview: Corsair launches Marvell 9174-based SSDs
  11. TC Magazine: OWC debuts the Mercury Aura Pro 1.8" SandForce-based SSDs
    and OWC keeps ATA alive, offers Mercury Legacy Pro IDE SSDs
    and OWC delivers upgrade SSD for 2010 MacBook Air
    and UHS-II interface to enable 312MB/s SDHC / SDXC cards
    and SanDisk to release 100MB/s 128GB CompactFlash card
  12. DigiTimes: TSMC reportedly sees Nvidia's orders increase by 60%
  13. AnandTech: Nvidia's Tegra 2 take two: More architectural details & design wins
    and Nvidia GeForce 500M: Refreshing the 400M
  14. Expreview: Galaxy GTX 460 Razor graphics card pictured
  15. Engadget: Sony reveals 3D capturing Cyber-shot cameras,
    includes world's first compact capable of 1080/60p video
  16. VR-Zone: Canon launches new Powershot A-series digital cameras
  17. TC Magazine: BlueAnt promises 'true sound' stereo headset for Q2
    and Microsoft Touch Mouse unveiled, coming in June
  18. Dealzon's deals: $299 off 17.3” Asus N71JQ-X1 i7, $430 off 32” LG LED TV,
    $270 off Sanyo waterproof camcorder, and $50 off Sony Dash

  1. Fudzilla: Nvidia users in the age of the superphone
  2. Android Police has official Honeycomb / Android 3.0 preview (1080p)
  3. BGR: Motorola announces Droid Bionic for Verizon; 1GHz dual-core processor, LTE capable
  4. Engadget's Motorola Droid Bionic hands-on
  5. AnandTech reports AT&T announces 4G LTE plans
  6. Engadget: Motorola's dual-core Atrix 4G announced for AT&T
  7. Ars Technica: Is MetroPCS 4G a walled garden without Skype and Netflix?
  8. BGR: RIM BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with... 4G support coming to Sprint this summer
  9. Engadget's BlackBerry PlayBook preview
  10. C|Net reports Motorola reveals iPad-rival Xoom tablet
    and Samsung adds Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab, drops TV bezel
  11. Engadget's Motorola Xoom first hands-on
  12. Engadget's Notion Ink Adam hands-on preview (video)
  13. DSLReports: Comcast to offer streaming TV to tablets
  14. BGR: Next generation iPhone casing, innards revealed on video; are you the Verizon iPhone?
  15. VR-Zone: Sony Ericsson unveils Xperia Arc Android 2.3 smartphone
  16. Engadget: Samsung Infuse 4G announced for AT&T: 4.5" Super AMOLED Plus display,
    crazy thin and LG announces super slim Optimus Black with NOVA display
  17. Engadget's Motorola Cliq 1 first hands-on
  18. t-break reviews BlackBerry Bold 9780
  19. BGR: Google acknowledges Android SMS bug, promises fix
  20. C|Net: Windows Phone copy-paste update expected in Feb.
  21. In the works: A Google mobile payment service? - BusinessWeek
  22. Amazon's Android app store: Company to set app prices - TechFlash

  1. Threatpost: Microsoft warns of security hole in Windows graphics engine
  2. PCWorld reports worm planted in fake Microsoft security update
  3. SuperSite for Windows: New tile-based shell,
    app model, and app store coming in Windows 8?
  4. CES: Microsoft shows off Surface 2.0
  5. Network World: Microsoft bashes Apple at CES while previewing next-gen Windows
  6. Microsoft already seeking developer input for Office 16
  7. How-To Geek: How to combine rescue disks to create the ultimate Windows repair disk
  8. Linux kernel 2.6.37 is out
  9. KDE readies 4.6 RC2 for testing
  10. Tech Drive-in: Evolution of Ubuntu over the years
  11. Phoronix has a big comparison of AMD Catalyst, Mesa & Gallium3D drivers
  12. For traditional Mac developers, Armageddom comes today
  13. Mac Rumors: Apple releases iWork 9.0.5 with improvements
  14. Problems with NOD
  15. XBMC port from Sigma
  16. Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility
  17. Passmark PerformanceTest 7.0 build 1020
  18. Simple Port Forwarding 3.0.17
  19. Google Chrome 10.0.628.0 for Windows and Linux
  20. Google Chrome 9.0.597.44

  1. Ars Technica: First custom firmware arrives for hacked PS3s
    and PSP Go finally hacked, able to play UMD-only games
  2. Engadget: Intel waves around Razer's Sixense motion-sensing
    sticks, plays Portal 2 on the big screen (video)
  3. C|Net reports Netflix, Hulu Plus navigation comes to Kinect
  4. VG247: EA announces massive list of online shutdowns
  5. Shacknews: Homefront to feature THQ's Online Pass; multiplayer
    available but capped for secondary users
    and MMORPG 'Rift' launching in March
    and ten DLC packs on sale for Rock Band series
  6. MCV: Raven working on Call of Duty project
  7. Eurogamer: Modern Warfare prequel rumored
  8. Dawn of War II Retribution hits the news stands
  9. Joystiq: Torchlight coming to Xbox Live Arcade with new content for House Party series
  10. Homefront: 'An emotional roller-coaster' - CVG
Systems and storage

  1. techPowerUp! reviews Phenom II X4 840
  2. [H]ard|OCP's Asus P8P67 WS Revolution motherboard review
  3. XSReviews on 96GB Kingston SSDNow 100 V+
  4. TWL reviews 32GB Silicon Power Class 10 SDHC memory card
Multimedia and case

  1. TweakTown: Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB unlocked to HD 6970
  2. Overclockers Online's 23" NEC MultiSync EX231W review
  3. OCIA's Patriot PBO Core HD multimedia player
  4. Legit Reviews posts Patriot Box Office media player firmware update guide
  5. Engadget and Hardware Heaven review Corsair SP2500 2.1 speaker system
  6. PureOC reviews Corsair HS1 gaming headset
  7. Hardware Heaven reviews CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse
  8. MissingRemote's HDPLEX H10.ODD fanless chassis review
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