Antec Sonata IV, One Hundred cases debut

CES — Antec had two brand-new enclosures to show us when we visited its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier today. The first was a new iteration of the popular Sonata case, the Sonata IV:

The Antec Sonata IV looks a lot like its predecessors, but it departs form them in several key ways. The intake fan has moved to the right side, while the bundled power supply is now a 620W Neo Eco 620OC model, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports have appeared on the front bezel. As you can see in the gallery below, lifting the side panel also reveals redesigned internal storage bays. Two compartments, one atop the other, each contain a pair of hard drives laid on their side and fastened with two removable brackets (which, thankfully, still have rubber grommets to isolate hard-drive vibration). A 2.5" solid-state drive can also be strapped to the top hard-drive compartment, facing the motherboard.

The new Sonata looks as slick as ever, and USB 3.0 support alongside a more powerful PSU should be welcome additions for sure. Those goodies come at a premium, though. Newegg, which has just started listing the case, charges $169.99 for it—and that's actually 30 bucks less than the suggested retail price Antec gave us.

Folks with shallower pockets might be more interested in the new One Hundred case, which launched with a less intimidating $60 MSRP (and is already available for that amount at Newegg).

The One Hundred takes after the popular Three Hundred, offering a no-frills design with a good number of enthusiast amenities. This particular model has a cut-out in the motherboard backplate for the CPU socket, some cable-routing holes, holes that can be punched out for liquid-cooling pipes, and an upside-down layout that places the PSU at the bottom. I believe Antec will be shipping the One Hundred with dual 120-mm fans (one at the top and one at the rear). Really, that sounds pretty good for the price, especially considering the roomy interior with space for six hard drives and the fact that Antec slaps a generous four USB 2.0 ports on the front panel.

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