Howdy, all.

We're back from CES, and the only way I could be happier about that is if I had more energy to feel it. After throwing our holidays under the bus in order to finish our Sandy Bridge coverage and get the site redesign completed, we all showed up in Vegas completely exhausted. The ensuing rush from spot to spot around Las Vegas for meetings and press conferences was almost surreal, because I was tired enough to be in a quasi-dream-like state.

Fortunately, we managed to survive and even get you guys a fair amount of coverage last week. There's quite a bit more left to write about in the next few days, as well.

The funny thing about last week is that it was the only time Geoff, Cyril, and I had all been in the same room together. In fact, after working together for nearly five years, Cyril and I met in person for the first time last Tuesday. Strange how such things are possible in this day and age.

This was Cyril's first trip to Las Vegas, too, and I could tell pretty quickly that he wasn't exactly digging it. That led me to suggest a blog post with his impressions of the place, and the rest is history. I may not be a great editor all of the time, but I think I called that one.

The highlight of the show for me was undoubtedly Nvida's Project Denver revelation, made almost simultaneously with Microsoft's announcement that the next version of Windows will run on ARM processors. I have to say, it was out there as plain as day for anyone to see in Jen-Hsun's repeated proclamations that "ARM is our CPU strategy," yet I totally did not see the ARM compatibility coming. Makes sense for a variety of reasons, of course, but I just hadn't anticipated it.

Our entourage at the show totaled five people: me, Geoff, Cyril, our biz guy Adam, and Matt Butrovich—TR's sometimes-blogger and, for the week, our video producer. Matt gave his own time to shoot and edit videos from the show, and we have quite a few to post yet. Should be a nice addition to our other coverage, I think. Thanks to Matt for offering his time and skills to make it happen.

We were gratified to see that the new site didn't crash and burn while we were all rushing around the convention center. We know we still have work to do on various fronts—tweaks and fixes for the Metal discussion system, a wide look template, getting the forums to look like the rest of the site, and more—and of that is all coming as soon as we can muster it. For now, though, I'm just happy to see that folks seem to be transitioning to using Metal without too much difficulty. Our old system, ja.zz, had many virtues but had to go; we've tried to replicate those virtues in its replacement.

One trick you just have to try: like in ja.zz, you can walk up and down nested threads in Metal by pressing the A and Z keys. Completely boffo. Give it a shot. You'll like it.

Tip: You can use the A/Z keys to walk threads.
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