New Asus LCD has 24-inch IPS panel, 1920x1200 resolution

As LCD monitors with 6-bit TN panels continue to dominate the landscape, displays with IPS panels have become increasingly scarce. That's a shame for those of us who are willing to spend a little extra for better viewing angles and color reproduction. Asus says it has a solution for the TN blues in the form of its PA246Q LCD, which features a 24.1" P-IPS panel that's said to reproduce 98% of the sRGB color space. According to Asus, the panel has a six-millisecond response time and a 50,000:1 contrast ratio. Seven CCFL backlights provide 400 cd/m² of brightness.

With a 16:10 aspect ratio and 1920x1200 display resolution, the PA246Q serves up more vertical pixels than 1080p LCDs. You can orient those pixels in widescreen or portrait modes, and the stand allows for height, tilt, and swivel adjustments. There's also a VESA bracket at the rear if you want to mount the display on a monitor arm.

The PA246Q was designed with graphics professionals in mind, and it has a QuickFit overlay scheme that lets users view multiple grids and document sizes with the touch of a button. At the rear, you'll find numerous display inputs, including DVI, DisplayPort 1.1a, and HDMI 1.3. There's even a 3.5-mm audio jack to let headphone users tap into HDMI audio that's being passed to the display.

Asus tells us the PA246Q will be available later this month. The screen is expected to sell for around $500, which sounds about right given the cost of other non-TN displays.

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