OCZ resurrects original Silencer PSU design

PC Power & Cooling's Silencer 750W is one of our favorite PSUs. An Editor's Choice award winner from several years back, the Silencer appeared in numerous system guides until it was eventually phased out. OCZ bought PC Power & Cooling and replaced the Silencer with a Mk II model that swapped the PSU's trademark rear-mounted fan for a larger unit mounted on the bottom. That move apparently didn't sit well with fans of the original, so the old Silencer is making a return.

At CES, OCZ showed a new lineup of Silencer PSUs with the old rear-mounted 80-mm fan configuration. Two units were on display: one rated for 760W and another pegged at 910W. Both carry 80 Plus Silver certification and 7-year warranties. They also have dual 6-pin auxiliary power connectors along with a pair of 6/8-pin plugs.

If you're in the market for something a little fancier, OCZ showed its premium ZX series. This line puts a 140-mm on the bottom of the PSU and features units rated at up to 1200W. Despite higher wattage ratings, the ZX units are more efficient than the new Silencers and are 80 Plus Gold certified. They also feature modular cables and up to six 6/8-pin PCIe power connectors for multi-GPU excess. The warranty coverage tops out at five years, though.

Although not on display at the show, OCZ revealed that it's working on a new high-efficiency PSU that will have 80 Plus Platinum certification. The platinum spec calls for efficiencies of 89-92% for loads between 20% and full capacity.

A platinum-rated PSU isn't going to be cheap. But OCZ did have some less expensive units from the ZS series on display. This line spans 500-700W and offers 80 Plus Bronze certification. The ZS family lacks modular cables and only has three years of warranty coverage, though. The bottom-mounted fan is also slightly smaller at 120 mm.

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