Micron's Copperhead server board

This is a bit dated but on Monday Micron issued this press release.
Boise, Idaho, February 26, 2001 -Micron Technology, Inc., (NYSE: MU) today announced a prototype of Copperhead (MT8LLN21PADF-A), its chipset utilizing DDR SDRAM memory technology and supporting the newest Intel Pentium III processors for the entry-level server market. This chipset is the result of an agreement Micron and Intel signed in late 2000.

Micron's Copperhead (MT8LLN21PADF-A) chipset supports up to 8GB of DDR 200 or 266 SDRAM memory and features a PCI-X bus as well as a 64-bit PCI 2.2 bus. Copperhead (MT8LLN21PADF-A) targets the entry-level server space. Micron expects availability of customer samples in the first half of calendar 2001 with production to follow later in the year. Micron is demonstrating a Copperhead-based system this week at the Intel Developer Forum Conference.

PC Watch has a picture of the board here.
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