Thermaltake readies $269 Level 10 GT

The original Level 10 case is an impressive technical achievement and a unique sight for sure. Too bad about the $800 price tag and the apparent emphasis on form over function, both of which make it tough to recommend as an enthusiast case. Thermaltake isn't putting all its chips down on the Level 10, though; at CES, the company unveiled the Level 10 GT, a much more affordable derivative with a similar but more functional design.

Not to be confused with the Level 10 "bored press dude in the background" edition.

The Level 10 GT has a far more reasonable $269 price tag, and it trades the original's fully compartmentalized design for a somewhat more conventional layout reminiscent of Corsair's Obsidian 800D, with cable routing at the back. Cooling looks much better, as well, thanks to large top and side fans, plus a number of mesh surfaces. Thermaltake has also added USB 3.0 connectivity in a port cluster at the top of the case.

At the same time, some of the original Level 10's traits remain, like the handle and the hot-swappable hard drive bays (which have pre-wired Serial ATA power connectors). And the thing is still huge. It's definitely wider than the Level 10, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were larger overall. If it's easier to work in, though, the larger footprint could be a fair tradeoff.

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