Galaxy sub-brand intros wireless, single-slot GeForce GTX 460s

Ever heard of KFA²? I hadn't either until I stumbled upon this Bit-Tech post highlighting the company's cable-free GeForce GTX 460 WHDI graphics card. WHDI refers to the Wireless Home Digital Interface standard, which is supported by display heavyweights like Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony. Using the current version of the spec, the card is reportedly capable of transmitting uncompressed 1080p video at 60Hz over a 5GHz wireless connection.

That signal flows from five antennas mounted at the rear of the card. The range is reportedly 100' (30 m), which should be plenty to cover the home-theater PC implementations that seem most appropriate for this sort of technology. Being limited to a 1080p resolution isn't a big deal when you're viewing it on a big-screen television from across the room.

KFA² makes no secret of the fact that it's the "European premium brand" of graphics card maker Galaxy. That probably means the WHDI card and other KFA² products won't land stateside anytime soon, which is a shame. This wireless GeForce is certainly unique, and the company also has a more traditional GeForce GTX 460 with a single-slot cooler that might appeal to the small-form-factor and SLI crowds.

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