Mobile Pentium III's SpeedStep2

Intel's 0.13 micron process mobile Pentium III (set for a Q3 release) will incorporate SpeedStep2. Intel has been demoing Dell's Latitude notebook which has a prototype. Check out the pictures here and here. The second picture is marked "SST2 + AH3" next to the Latitude logo. "SST2" refers to "SpeedStepTechnology2" but save for this slide, Intel is mum on the details. AnalogDevice's booth had the new mPGA479M CPU socket which will support the new mobile Pentium III. According to OEM makers, the 0.13 micron process mobile Pentium III will have the following features:

  • Clock speed: 1.13GHz, 1.06GHz (Q3 release)
  • System bus: 133MHz
  • L1 cache: 32KB
  • L2 cache: 512KB (up from 256KB)
  • Package: uFC-PGA (479 pin)
  • CPU socket: uPGA479m
  • Power saving: IMVP II, DeepSleep mode, SpeedStepTechnology2

    The "AH3" in "SST2 + AH3" probably denotes a new stepping. With double the L2 cache and better packaging, it is fair to say that the 0.13 micron process mobile Pentium III is more than a simple die shrink. T'would be nice to see a laptop by summer time.

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