Appreciate a Dragon Day Shortbread

The Starting Five

  1. Mac Rumors: iPad 2 likely to have 2048x1536 resolution
  2. SmartMoney: Why Apple's best days may be over
  3. Bloomberg: hp could have fired ex-chief Mark Hurd, investor says in lawsuit
  4. ZDNet: 1 second Linux boot
  5. NGOHQ hosts Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Final

Appreciate a Dragon Day

  1. Wired: Homeland Security junks billion dollar 'virtual fence'
  2. BBC News: Should employees buy their own computers?
  3. ITProPortal: French ISP throttles direct download website MegaUpload
  4. Maintaining high availibity for
  5. Windows Weekly 191: Angry Ballmer
  6. Gizmodo: 12 technologies on the verge of extinction
Hardware news

  1. Fudzilla: HIS working on HD 6950 1GB card
  2. TC Magazine: GeForce GTX 580 getting WindForce cooling too, courtesy of Gigabyte
  3. VR-Zone: Antec launches Sonata IV chassis

  1. The Huffington Post: Will tablets make us less creative?
  2. SnapTax from Intuit lets some file by phone
  3. SuperSite's Windows Phone 7 app of the week: Amazon Kindle

  1. Ubuntu Guide: Manage iPhone / iPod touch SpringBoard icons on Ubuntu
    via Sbmanager and how to install Unity 2D (Qt) in Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04
  2. Scientific Linux 6 Alpha 5
  3. infoTECH reports Oracle issues 66 new fixes
  4. CIO: Microsoft re-issues Outlook 2007 update after Dec. blunder
  5. Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 Express
  6. System Center Service Manager - Exchange Connector
  7. Microsoft Web Deploy v2.0
  8. CPUCool 8.0.11
  9. FastStone Image Viewer 4.3

  1. DailyTech: Biotic video games created with living microorganisms
  2. Seriously! on Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter Fusion DLC
  3. THQ EVP believes Homefront will sell more than WWE
  4. Siliconera: Capcom USA on Super Street Fighter IV for PC
  5. GamersHell: NBA 2KA11 gets free stereoscopic 3D update tomorrow
  6. Neatorama: World of Warcraft bathroom

  1. X-bit labs post Core i5-2500, Core i5-2400, and Core i5-2300 CPUs review
  2. Clunk's P67 Sandy Bridge overclocking guide for beginners
  3. StorageReview's LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i and 8888ELP review part 1
  4. X-bit labs test contemporary graphics cards in Call of Duty: Black Ops
  5. AMDZone's Cooler Master CM Inferno review
  6. PureOC reviews Deepcool N8 notebook cooler
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