MLK Jr. Day Shortbread

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  1. Intel: We will conquer ARM with advanced process technology, lower costs - X-bit labs
  2. VR-Zone: Microsoft backtracks on earlier statements, insists that SP1 for
    Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 has not achieved RTM status
  3. Microsoft SoC plans could delay Windows 8 until 2013
  4. PreCentral reports hp training promises webOS netbooks
  5. TC Magazine: Evolve III to release triple-boot MeeGo / Windows 7 / Android slate
  6. AppleInsider: Apple expected to pack ultrafast,
    dual-core SGX543 graphics into iPad 2, iPhone 5
  7. Mac Rumors: Three new iPad SKUs appear in Best Buy's database

MLK Jr. Day

  1. Intel's market sway wanes as it bucks S&P gains
  2. X-bit labs: Intel expects a lot from 22nm fabrication process
  3. TC Magazine: Wortmann working on two Sandy Bridge-based 15.6" notebooks
    and BenQ details the EW2430 and EW2430V LED-backlit monitors
  4. Kotaku: What could possibly go wrong with this glasses-free 3D solution...
  5. Leaving Las Vegas: Ars looks back at CES 2011
  6. Neoseeker's CES 2011 coverage
  7. ThinkComputers covers CES 2011: Antec
  8. PCPer podcast #137
  9. Engadget podcast 229
  10. Dealzon's deals: $500 coupon for 14.5” hp Envy 14 or 14 Beats $1,399+, $500 coupon
    for 15.6” hp dv6t quad i7 2nd gen / Radeon HD 6570 / 8GB RAM, and $264 off 7.2ch
    Onkyo HT-RC260 receiver

  1. U.S. agency sees problems in Falcone's wireless plan
  2. DigiTimes: Tablet PCs to not bring impact on sales of smartphones,
    says RIM VP and Compal aims to ship 3.8 million tablet PCs in 2011
  3. Switched On: Making the call on Windows Phone 7
  4. Nokia X7, a.k.a. Nokia Journey, canceled by AT&T
  5. VR-Zone: Frozen Apple iPhone 4 not covered under warranty
    and HTC "Saga" to be launched in May 2011?
  6. Ars Technica on why you should always encrypt your smartphone
  7. t-break's Sony Xperia Arc hands-on
  8. Engadget: iPhone headset socket hijacked to power DIY peripherals (video)
  9. C|Net has Apple savvy in focus: The iPhone 4 camera
  10. t-break's iPhone 4 app of the week: inClass
Software and gaming

  1. Download Squad: DownThemAll 2 download manager released, now supports Firefox 4
  2. Computing on Demand's essential Windows 7 tweaks: Part 2
  3. Gmail Peeper 1.4
  4. Joystiq: Crytek seeking iOS developers, tries not to mention it's for games
  5. More info on Elemental: Fallen Enchantress revealed - Big Download
  6. Joystiq: Final Fantasy Types 1 - 3 also trademarked, mystery grows
  7. Do video games fuel mental health problems?
Systems, storage, and networking

  1. Futurelooks reviews Core i5-2500K and Core i7-2600K
  2. HardwareOC reviews Core i7-2600K (in German)
  3. OCC and PureOC review 12GB Corsair Vengeance DDR-1600 memory kit
  4. Björn3D reviews 8GB Patriot Viper Xtreme P3-16000 memory kit
  5. Modders-Inc reviews 4GB Crucial Ballistix PC3-12800 memory kit
  6. Tweaknews on Asus RT-N16 Gigabit SuperSpeed-N router review
  7. BayReviews on Verizon UM175VW 3G USB modem
Multimedia and casing

  1. OC3D's Gainward Phantom GTX 570 review
  2. Guru3D's GeForce GTX 460 SE review
  3. HT4U reviews MSI R6950 Twin Frozr II OC (in German)
  4. KitGuru's HIS Multi View II USB display adapter review
  5. Benchmark Reviews on Mionix Naos 3200 gaming mouse
  6. OCIA's NZXT Bunker USB locking device review
  7. TweakTown reviews Lian Li PC-V1020B case
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