Evidence points to high-density display on the iPad 2

As unlikely as it sounds for Apple to start piling on pixels in a 9.7" slate, MacRumors has uncovered evidence that the second-generation iPad may have a higher-resolution display than its predecessor. The clue? A pair of unused, jumbo-sized graphics inside Apple's iBooks 1.1 app.

One of the graphics is a bookmark icon, which has the same aspect ratio as the current iPad one but is labeled "iPadx2" and has "double" the resolution. (The MacRumors folks seem to think doubling the resolution on both axes is... doubling the resolution rather than quadrupling it. Go figure.) There's also an "x2" wooden texture background with a 1536x800 resolution. That's far more pixels than what even the iPhone 4's 960x480 "Retina" display can output, a strong hint that a larger, higher-res iOS device is in the works.

If the iPad 2 does follow in the iPhone 4's footsteps, MacRumors reckons it may feature a quadrupled screen resolution of 2048x1536. Assuming the iPad's display size and aspect ratio remain the same, that would result in a pixel desntiy of 264 DPI—lower than the iPhone 4's but, as the site points out, probably still enough to make individual pixels faint or invisible, since users shouldn't hold the device as close to their eyeballs as a phone.

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