Bethesda shows first Elder Scrolls V screenshot

Just over a month after unveiling the teaser trailer for its next The Elder Scrolls title, Bethesda has come back with something a little meatier: the first public screenshot of the game, which popped up on the Bethesda Blog yesterday.

The dungeon-y setting shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with the series. The details Bethesda revealed to GameInformer in a story published the same day just might, though.

Reportedly, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be powered by a new game engine whose creation involved rewriting "every major system powering the gameplay experience." On the menu for the new engine, dubbed "Creation Engine and Kit," is a reworked level-of-detail scaling, fully dynamic lighting and shading, a new foliage rendering system, "realistic precipitation effects," a new AI system that should result in more believable characters, and new animation technology provided by Havok. The folks at Bethesda have even coded up a new story management system for side-quests. Check out GameInformer's story for all the details.

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