Apple breaks new records with latest results

At this point, Apple posting record-breaking quarterly results almost doesn't qualify as news. The Mac maker is riding a tidal wave of shiny aluminum and glass, and there's little the competition seems to be able to do about it. Case in point: the company's first 2011 fiscal quarter, ended December 25, which saw Apple enjoy record revenue and profits yet again:

   Q1FY10 Q4FY10 Q1FY11
Revenue $15.68 billion  $20.34 billion $26.74 billion
Net profit $3.38 billion  $4.31 billion $6 billion
Gross margin 40.9% 36.9% 38.5%

Gross margin shrunk a teeny bit compared to a year ago, although considering the 78% increase in net profits, that doesn't quite appear to be a cause for concern.

What about shipment figures for Apple's key product lines?

   Q1FY10 Q4FY10 Q1FY11
Macs 3.36 million 3.89 million 4.13 million
iPods 21 million 9.05 million 19.45 million
iPhones 8.7 million 14.1 million 16.24 million
iPads - 4.19 million 7.33 million

Well, nobody familiar with Apple's quarterly statements should be too surprised. Mac, iPhone, and iPad sales are all up, while iPod sales are slowly shrinking year over year. Those iPad shipments are quite impressive, incidentally—they're more than twice as high as those Apple reported for the third quarter of its 2010 fiscal year.

Apple is bracing for additional record breaking this ongoing quarter, believe it or not. CFO Peter Oppenheimer says in the results announcement that he believes revenue will add up to $22 billion in Q2FY11, which would be a sizable hike over the $13.5 billion Apple posted for the same quarter last year.

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