Poll: Are you upgrading to Sandy Bridge?

Sandy Bridge is here, and it's very fast indeed. Better yet, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for Intel's latest CPUs. The unlocked Core i5-2500K costs $225 on Newegg right now, and the Hyper-Threading-equipped i7-2600K is only $105 more. So, are you gonna buy one? That's the subject of this week's poll, which asks whether you're planning a Sandy Bridge upgrade.

Our last poll tackled the subject of notebook battery life—specifically, how much of it you require. With 32% of the vote, the largest group desires eight hours or more. Amen. Among the rest, 18% are looking for at least four hours of run time, 17% require six, and 14% are looking for five. 9% of those who voted expect only three hours of battery life from their notebooks, while the rest split between one, two, and seven hours. Amazingly, 2% of voters need less than an hour's worth of battery life from their notebooks, which are presumably lugged from wall socket to wall socket.

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