It's official: Duke Forever is coming out on May 3

That was surprisingly quick. Gearbox Software has announced a release date for Duke Nukem Forever. The game will come out on May 3, 2011, exactly eight months after the company revealed that it had taken over development from 3D Realms. Duke Forever will come out simultaneously on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3; an international release will follow three days later.

To celebrate the announcement, Gearbox has released a 2.5-minute trailer that sets the stage for Duke's next bout of alien ass-kicking. (Warning: some adult language and content within, although most of it appears to be censored out.)

The press release also included a couple of screenshots and some box art, which you'll find in the image gallery below.

I had to pinch myself when I saw the announcement in our inbox. Is this really happening? DNF doesn't look like the most graphically groundbreaking game ever, but the trailer makes the game look pretty fun, and I'll be happy to play it—finally, after waiting 14 years. (Despite what the trailer might suggest, the game was first announced in 1997.)

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