Report: Lenovo, NEC may combine PC businesses

Further consolidation could be in store for the PC industry—and no, this time, it won't be Acer gobbling up another, smaller rival. Reuters reports that Lenovo and NEC are holding covert talks about a deal that would see the former seize a "controlling interest" in NEC's PC business.

Quoting sources with "direct knowledge of the matter" as well as Japan's Nikkei business paper, Reuters adds that Lenovo wants access to both NEC's technology and its foothold in the Japanese market. NEC, meanwhile, would reportedly benefit from a greater presence in the Chinese market, Lenovo's home turf.

There might be more to the reported deal than meets the eye, too. Reuters quotes an analyst who believes NEC wants to withdraw from the PC market to "lower its risks." (The Japanese company is said to be more interested in focusing on telecommunications infrastructure.) Another analyst quoted in the story also says Chinese companies in general want to buy Japanese firms "so they won't be accused of stealing their technologies."

Whatever the two companies' motives, if this deal leaves us with self-aware ThinkPads that can cook and clean, I'm all for it.

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