Brazos-powered Acer netbook goes up for pre-order

Excited to try out AMD's first accelerated processing units? Well, sit tight, because Amazon has started taking pre-orders for a surprisingly cheap little netbook that features the 9W, dual-core incarnation of AMD's new silicon. And I do mean cheap. This Acer Aspire One AO522 netbook costs $329.99 with free shipping, which makes it not much pricier than typical Atom-powered netbooks.

A typical Atom-powered netbook this isn't, though. Alongside the two 1GHz CPU cores, this puppy features Radeon HD 6250 integrated graphics with HDMI output, which should open the door to HD video playback and some light gaming. Amazon also talks of a 10.1-inch "HD WXGA" display, which might mean a resolution above 1024x600 (like, say, 1366x768). Finally, a netbook display that'll let you read 140-character tweets without scrolling.

Of course, don't go in expecting too much trailblazing from this $330 netbook. The 1GB of RAM, 250GB 5,400-RPM hard drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and six-cell 4400 mAH battery are all what you'd expect from a machine of this caliber... and at six hours, rated battery life doesn't sound exceedingly long. Still, I think you've gotta hand it to Acer and AMD for pushing the netbook concept beyond the status quo without charging an arm and a leg for it.

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