Next Tegra 2 is primed for 3D handhelds

More than a year since the launch of its Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip, Nvidia is readying a successor primed for handheld devices with 3D displays, according to TechEye. The site has posted a screenshot from what it claims to be Nvidia’s Mobile World Congress presentation, revealing a few basic details about the upcoming Tegra 2 3D chip.

Apparently, the Tegra 2 3D will pack two ARM Cortex-A9 cores clocked as high as 1.2GHz, will enter production in the first quarter of this year, and will be out this spring. The slide calls this chip the "world’s first mobile 3D processor." In case you’re wondering, the original Tegra 2 also has two Cortex-A9 cores, but they only run at up to 1GHz. TechEye doesn’t say if the Tegra 2 3D has any improvements beyond the CPU core clock speeds.

The site does predict that Tegra 2 3D-powered devices will also have Master Image LCD panels that generate 3D images using cell parallax technology—just like Nintendo’s 3DS. Here’s hoping those devices will have decent battery life. According to a story posted by Joystiq earlier this month, the 3DS will only be able to stay up for three to five hours when running games that take advantage of the 3D screen.

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    • Farting Bob
    • 9 years ago

    Sounds to me like NV marketing teams had a conversation like this:
    Marketing guy #1: Hey, those nerds in the lab have a slightly faster Tegra 2 chip. Not much faster, but they want us to sell it.

    Marketing guy #2: Hmm, so it has no new features, its just a slight speed increase? Whats new and cool right now in the tech world?

    Marketing guy #3: 3D is pretty big with everyone except, ya know, consumers..

    Marketing guy #1: Could this chip do 3D on tiny screens?

    Marketing guy #2: The old one has the ability, so yes.

    Marketing guy #1: Sorted! Tegra 3D it is.

    Janitor: You guys are idiots, but you know many other idiots will buy that 3D shit, well done.

    • JMccovery
    • 9 years ago

    I think it should be named Tegra GTX280MX-Ti (with GeForce GTX Graphics)… That should convey the sheer awesomeness that is packed inside!

    • jstern
    • 9 years ago

    I read a Miyamoto interview, and while I didn’t care about a 3d portible, it now sounds very intriguing. People just have to learn to have an open mind.

    • Usacomp2k3
    • 9 years ago

    3d on a tiny screen is just stupid. Now a theater it’s great, and on a TV is good in specific applications (sports and some movies).

      • khands
      • 9 years ago

      Every different technology that comes out and claims 3D capability I try, and each time I am disappointed. I am a glutton for punishment I guess.

    • kamikaziechameleon
    • 9 years ago

    I wonder if anyone will actually use this technology?

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