Expect motherboard prices to rise, says Asus

Motherboard prices could rise by as much as 15% in the first half of this year. So says this report from DigiTimes, which calls that figure an "estimate of industry sources."

There's more to the story than anonymous sources, though. Chewei Lin, the general manager of Asus' motherboard business, confirmed that the company will be raising prices on its motherboards. A labor shortage in China coupled with increasing material costs and the rising value of the Taiwanese currency are blamed for the incoming price hikes. The cost of copper, which has gone up about 30% in the past six months, is also named as a contributing factor.

Asus surely isn't the only one facing those issues, which may also impact the price of graphics cards made by the company and its rivals. DigiTimes notes that Asus' price increases will vary based on "market demand and position," suggesting that some products will be affected more than others. Let's hope the enthusiast segment is competitive enough to shift the bulk of the price increases elsewhere.

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