Intel's McKinley processor

McKinley (the follow-up to Merced) is Intel's 64-bit processor which will be marketed under the "Itanium" name. This iteration of McKinley appears to have on-die L3 cache SRAM. There is a picture of a 1U server system here (dual processors). The system itself is strictly for demonstration purposes only as it consumes a whopping 600W. The i870 chipset has separate controller chips for the CPU and memory which is what the fan in the picture is cooling. The CPU fan spins at 70cfm. It will also have interfaces for 8 DIMMs, InfiniBand, and GigaBitEthernet. INCEP will be doing the packaging which has a Pentium 4-like heat spreader and VRM (voltage regulator module) board. A better illustration of the packaging can be found in this exhibit. The i870 chipset will feature many different controllers. Here is what is known of them so far.

  • SNC: CPU controller
  • MRH-D: DDR SDRAM memory controller
  • ICGH: legacy I/O support
  • P64H2: PCI-X/SCSI/Ethernet
  • SIOH: InfiniBand interface

    ASCII24 has more pictures of McKinley here, here, and here along with an exhibit of the Itanium architecture.

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