Ogg Vorbis: open source alternative to MP3

ZDNet has the story.
The team behind the Ogg Vorbis format has created the Xiph Foundation, which will serve as a nonprofit parent for the open-source development efforts. The programmers are trying to create a format for online music that will carry none of the patent license fees associated with MP3 and other proprietary technologies.

More recently, the group won a foothold inside Iomega's digital audio player, as operating system seller Interactive Objects agreed to add support for Vorbis into its system.

Despite these successes, the fight for dominance among the leading music formats is growing fiercer. Microsoft is stepping up its activity on behalf of Windows Media, making the case that its format has the best antipiracy protections since its security system taps deep into the Windows operating system. The Fraunhofer Institute and Thomson Multimedia, the patent holders behind MP3 technology, are working on an improved version of MP3, due later this year.

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