ASRock becomes third-largest branded motherboard maker

When we talk about the big three motherboard makers, we're usually referring to Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI. However, this article over at DigiTimes reveals that ASRock became the third-largest motherboard brand in 2010. Asus dominated with shipments of nearly 22 million branded motherboards (as opposed to OEM mobos destined for large system vendors), while Gigabyte trailed in second place with 18 million mobo shipments. The report goes on to say ASRock shipped eight million boards in 2010, putting it ahead of both MSI and ECS, which only shipped around seven million units each.

ASRock is a former Asus division that was spun off way back in 2002. Asus co-founder Ted Hsu heads up the company, which has traditionally catered to low-end markets and budget-conscious enthusiasts. Now, it appears that ASRock has higher aspirations. In addition to a $118 Lynnfield board based on the P67 chipset, an Extreme6 model with three PCIe x16 slots and gobs of excess is selling for $195. There's even a Fatal1ty-branded model with a garish heatsink and polished gold capacitors on offer for $236.

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