Mozart Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Computerworld: Intel developing security ‘game-changer
  2. Nvidia and Kingpin SLI video
  3. Betanews: Is iPad a PC? Canalys says yes, and that makes Apple no. 3 in global market share
  4. Mac Rumors: MacBook Pro supplies tightening ahead of potential refresh
  5. Fudzilla reports AMD Turks GPU detailed
  6. WSJ: A loophole means unlimited data for AT&T iPhone
  7. 3.3.0 is available for download
  8. Shacknews: Crytek aware of Crysis 2 demo issues,

    working ‘as quickly as possible’ on fixes

Mozart Day

  1. WSJ: Qualcomm’s profit jumps as smartphones gain favor
  2. Ars Technica’s liveblog: Microsoft’s FY2011 Q2 earnings call
  3. DailyTech reports Yahoo! sees weak Q1, warns of falling profits [again]
  4. Ars Technica: Acer announces growth in 2010 revenues
  5. C|Net reports Nokia profits continue to slide

    and EU approves Intel-McAfee purchase and

    Intel to invest $100 million in university research

  6. PCWorld: Google comes under fire for ‘secret’ relationship with NSA
  7. Netflix: ISPs who charge by the gigabyte are ridiculous
  8. AppleInsider: Netflix says Apple TVs streaming more of its movies than iPads
  9. DSLReports: Hulu will eventually just be an uninteresting ad for cable TV
  10. Ars Technica: Senators bash “telecom oligarchs,” propose strict net neutrality bill
  11. Download Squad: Google censors torrent, download terms from suggestions and Instant
  12. Fudzilla reports ISPs rebel against new EU laws
  13. C|Net reports U.S. senator proposes mobile-privacy legislation
  14. C|Net on New York’s quest to become ‘the digital city
  15. TorrentFreak reports anime distributor launches

    piracy assault, sues 1337 BitTorrent users

  16. The Official Gmail Blog: Unread message icon
  17. Engadget: Paper batteries recharge from moisture

    in the air, seemingly defy laws of nature

Hardware news

  1. Results of X-bit labs survey: High prices and lack of games –

    main reasons people do not choose Apple Macintosh

  2. DigiTimes: Vendors push netbooks into education market

    and limited available capacity to halt DRAM price falls

  3. C|Net: CompuLab launches its smallest nettop PC
  4. Laptoping: MSI WindPad 100W Windows tablet now available
  5. Fudzilla: IBM and Intel to show off new chips at ISSCC
  6. TC Magazine: Buffalo announces new, hardware encrypting-enabled external drive

    and Gigabyte readies the Pure Rock pocketable hard drive

  7. Expreview: Axigon announces its GeForce 560 Ti graphic card
  8. TC Magazine: PowerColor unveils the PCS+ HD 6970 custom and overclocked graphics card
  9. DigiTimes: Second-tier panel makers to focus on small- to medium-size panels
  10. VR-Zone: Contour launches new wearable HD video camera
  11. [H]ard|OCP features UT3 case mod
  12. TC Magazine: Aerocool readies the Sixth Element gaming chassis

    and be quiet! goes big and heavy with the Dark Rock Pro CPU cooler

  13. Win an Nvidia GTX 560 Ti 3D Vision PC, plus 1 of 5 cards from
  14. Dealzon’s deals: $50 off 12.1” Asus 1215T-MU17, $200 coupon for 55” Sony

    KDL55HX800 3D LED TV, $150 coupon for 32” Samsung UN32C5000

    LED TV, and $50 coupon for Logitech Z4 speakers


  1. C|Net reports Motorola Mobility sees profit in post-split debut

    and Motorola feels pressure from Verizon iPhone

  2. TC Magazine: Motorola says yes to Xoom February release, plans 7″ tablet for 2H
  3. ITWorld: Notion Ink Adam finally in end-users’ hands, but challenges remain
  4. Fudzilla reports Intel plans MeeGo tablets in June

    and PlayBook might run Android apps

  5. DigiTimes: More handset makers to launch dual-core models
  6. VR-Zone: Motorola denies power issues on dual-core smartphones, will ship as planned
  7. HotHardware: Motorola Droid X2 (Daytona) features 1GHz Tegra 2, higher-res screen
  8. C|Net reports Windows Phone 7 sales top 2 million
  9. Gizmodo: Old lady tries to smuggle 44 iPhone 4s through

    airport security in her stockings (thanks Neutronbeam)

  10. Redmond Pie: White iPhone 4 issues fixed by new paint process, launch imminent?
  11. Engadget’s exclusive: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) preview
  12. BCW reviews RIM BlackBerry Bold 9780
  13. TechReviewSource on LG VL600 (Verizon Wireless)
  14. VR-Zone: Google seeds preview SDK of Android Honeycomb to developers
  15. Ars Technica: Google hopes to fix growth of Android Market app purchases
  16. Shacknews: Sony announces PlayStation Suite;

    bringing PS content to Android phones and tablets

  17. Network World: How to fix Android’s blank screen of death and

    security stud Kaminsky’s smartphone app a blessing for colorblind


  1. Neowin: Post-Windows 7 SP1 already contains 100+ updates
  2. PCWorld: Linux skills are hot on improving IT hiring front
  3. Network World reports inventors of Unix win prestigious Japan Prize
  4. Betanews: Network Edition brings CCleaner capabilities to IT organizations
  5. Phoronix: Has AMD finally fixed tearing in its Linux drivers?
  6. Unixmen: Install Amarok 2.4 in Ubuntu 10.10 | Fedora
  7. TweakTown’s Nvidia ForceWare 266.58 performance analysis
  8. KDE 4.6.0
  9. SystemRescueCd 2.0.0
  10. Disable UAC
  11. Dropbox 1.0.20 Experimental
  12. TeamViewer 6.0 build 10176
  13. TUAW: Skype 5 for Mac out of beta, group video calling part of Premium subscription
  14. Opera 11.01 Final
  15. Google Chrome 10.0.648.6


  1. Ars Technica: Congressman wants to slap warning labels on violent games
  2. Seattle’s Q13 Fox News: Xbox Live labels autistic boy “cheater
  3. C|Net reports Nintendo posts abysmal earnings; trouble afoot?
  4. Games piracy ‘heyday’ in the past – Nintendo
  5. PlayStation Blog: PS3 system software update (v3.56)

    and Next Generation Portable (NGP): All the early details

  6. Fudzilla: 3DS has best anti-piracy measures yet
  7. MCV reports Mad Catz bags Gears of War 3 license
  8. Joystiq: Rage’s ‘new vision’ showcased in latest trailer
  9. VG247’s interview – “The biggest year in our company’s history,” by Bethesda’s Pete Hines
  10. WSJ on the benefits of video games
  11. VG247: Crysis 2 to support DirectX 11
  12. MCV: Old Republic out in September
  13. Shacknews: Call of Duty coming to Sony’s NGP; Epic

    teases Unreal Engine with updated ‘Epic Citadel’ demo

    and Killzone 3 single-player demo coming February 15

  14. Big Download’s exclusive: Darkspore producer video goes

    in-depth with the Hero Editor; game due out on March 29

  15. Dead Space 2: Severed announced for PSN, XBL, won’t be going to PC
  16. Ars Technica: PC indie Magicka a “hit” despite broken, negligent release
  17. PlayStation Store update: Bulletstorm demo,

    Dead Space Extraction, and more – Shacknews

  18. MCV reports BioWare ‘aware‘ of ME2 save woes on PS3
  19. KimEmote plays Angry Birds with Kinect on Windows
  20. StarCraft in South Korea
  21. Big Download: Website that offered free versions of classic Sierra Online games shut down
  22. Magicka and Monday Night Combat updates released on Steam
  23. Steam’s weeklong sale – 50% off on Fallen Earth: Blood Sports

Systems and storage

  1. The fast enough computer (editorial) – Benchmark Reviews
  2. Björn3D reviews Zotac ZBOXHD-ID34BR-U
  3. HotHardware’s MSI GT680 Sandy Bridge gaming laptop review
  4. PCPer’s Asus G53JW-3DE Core i7 GTX 460M 3D Vision gaming notebook review
  5. Rbmods on Targus XL laptop backpack
  6. Digital Trends posts Intel Sandy Bridge review
  7. TWL on Core i5-2500K
  8. Legit Reviews on MSI P67A-GD65
  9. Technic3D’s Foxconn P67A-S, H67A-S vs. Intel DP67BG,

    DH67BL mainboards review (in German)

  10. lab501: Gigabyte mini-ITX fever continues – H67A-USB3 and E350N-USB3 (in Romanian)
  11. TweakTown reviews 120GB Zalman N Series SandForce SSD
  12. StorageReview on 80GB Intel SSD 310 Series

Multimedia, power, and case

  1. bit-tech and TweakTown review MSI GeForce 560 Ti 1GB Twin Frozr II
  2. Guru3D’s KFA2 (Galaxy) GeForce GTX 560 White edition and Anarchy review
  3. Ultimate Hardware reviews Palit GeForce GTS 450
  4. Neoseeker’s CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse review
  5. Hardware Secrets reviews 750W XFX Pro PSU
  6. Tweaknews on Zalman ZM-PCM1 / ZM-VPM1 CPU and VGA power consumption meters
  7. KitGuru and techPowerUp! review Fractal Design Define XL case
Comments closed
    • burntham77
    • 8 years ago

    Results of X-bit labs survey: High prices and lack of games – main reasons people do not choose Apple Macintosh

    That and lack of hardware choices (I am not a fan of Intel), keeps me a Windows guy. I try to explain this to friends and co-workers who are big into Macs and they just scoff. Although, I am impressed to see Steam on the Mac, as that is a step in the right direction.

      • anotherengineer
      • 8 years ago

      True enough. If they gave or had the option of AMD or ATI graphics I would consider them. It doesn’t mean I owuld buy a MAC with AMD or ATI, but since they don’t offer the choice, I don’t consider them.

      It would be like going to peterbilt and asking for a cat engine and them telling you we only put detroits in our trucks, well see ya later then.

    • SomeOtherGeek
    • 8 years ago

    [quote<]IBM and Intel to show off new chips at ISSCC[/quote<] We are going to be seeing some new records in the server world.

    • jdaven
    • 8 years ago

    C|Net reports Nintendo posts abysmal earnings; trouble afoot?

    They should have released the Wii 2 last Christmas. I think they missed their window and its back to being last in cash and products.

    • xtremevarun
    • 8 years ago

    [i<][TorrentFreak reports anime distributor launches piracy assault, sues [u<][1337][/u<] BitTorrent users][/i<] 1337.... 🙂

    • dpaus
    • 8 years ago

    [i<]“PlayBook might run Android apps”[/i<] Oh, really? That would be a game-changer... Still, the current-gen mobile platforms’ APIs really aren`t that different. When (what later became) iOS was first announced, `browser apps` were the expected-intended mode of development. WebOS was first announced, the ability to run existing iPhone `browser apps` was touted. With the exception of hardware interfaces like GPS, microphones, cameras, etc., an app for any Webkit-based smartphone can be ported to another within days - sometimes hours. But it speaks to the underlying power of the QNX OS that Playbook will be able to run native Android apps. It also speaks to the savvy of RIM`s management. EDIT No. 2: I just checked, and apparantly WebOS ver. 2.1 includes the Dalvik JVM as well, so, um, anything Blackberry can do, WebOS can do better! 🙂

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