Poll: How do you get most of your video content?

Video content is available from a wide variety of sources these days. A lot of it is still broadcast over the airwaves or via cable providers, but online services are becoming increasingly popular, as are full-season DVD and Blu-ray releases. Then there's BitTorrent and other illegitimate means of obtaining the latest episodes of Jersey Shore Top Gear. So, how do you get most of your video content?

In our last poll, we asked whether you're planning on upgrading to Sandy Bridge. Impressively, 9% of those who voted have Intel's latest CPU in their immediate future. Another 18% are planning an upgrade soon, suggesting that we could be looking at a fairly major upgrade cycle. Of course, 31% are content to wait a little longer to see what AMD has in store with Llano and Bulldozer. 32% of voters aren't interested in Sandy Bridge at all, presumably because their current systems are in no need of an upgrade.  Finally, 10% of folks simply aren't sure whether a Sandy Bridge upgrade is in the cards.

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