Report: Dual-GF110 GeForce coming in February

Remember that mysterious dual-GPU EVGA graphics card we spotted at CES? EVGA stayed fairly tight-lipped about it, providing few details beyond what we observed. Now, however, the guys at Nordic Hardware have published some information about an upcoming product they call the GeForce GTX 590—a dual-GPU, Fermi-based design that sounds an awful lot like what we saw.

According to Nordic Hardware, this GeForce GTX 590 will come out some time next month. Nvidia will reportedly fashion the card out of a pair of GF110 graphics processors (much like the ones inside the GTX 580), which will both have all of their execution units enabled. That would mean 1024 stream processors per card. The report also mentions 3GB of GDDR5 RAM, a 384-bit memory interface, and a single, centrally positioned fan.

That all sounds plausible, except perhaps for the memory capacity part. The card we saw at CES had a selection of memory chips and an arrangement that suggested either 2GB or 2.5GB of total memory. This, in turn, hinted that the card would perhaps ship with some execution units disabled and a memory interface narrower than 384 bits. Whatever the final product looks like, I'm not sure it will resemble a pair of GeForce GTX 580s glued together, as Nordic Hardware implies.

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