AMD cooks up 5W Ontario APU for slates

Well, that explains how AMD's new family of APUs is going to sneak its way into slates despite relatively high 9W and 18W power envelopes. According to PC Watch, the 9W and 18W parts are just the tip of the iceberg. At a press conference in Singapore, AMD reportedly showed an Acer tablet powered by a 5W Ontario accelerated processing unit.

Maybe it's because it's early on a Monday morning, but beyond revealing the existence of the chip, the automated translation of the PC Watch piece doesn't seem very clear to me. Luckily, the folks at Softpedia seem to have figured it out. They say AMD managed to get its dual-core C-50 APU into a 5W power envelope by limiting the "number of frequencies and terminations" supported by the memory controller and by limiting I/O.

The result, apparently, is a 5W version of the AMD C-50 that still has two cores and, judging by this screenshot PC Watch grabbed, a 1GHz clock speed. That sounds awfully fast compared to other slate-bound processors. Of course, the Acer slate in question does look a little plump—and being Windows-based, it probably won't be competing against the iPad and Android 3.0 devices.

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