I don't know about where you are, but here in Missouri, the Great Storm of '11 is upon us. We got a nice glazing of ice over everything yesterday, and right now, snow is coming down pretty steadily at about a 45° angle. The forecast calls for blizzard conditions this afternoon, which apparently involve 35-MPH winds and visibility of less than a quarter mile for at least three hours. Should be interesting.

We've already stocked up on essentials and are ready to be snowed in for a while. So long as we have power and 'net access, I'm happy not to go outside anyhow. This is one of those times when commuting down a flight of stairs seems particularly nice.

I have to admit, the Sandy Bridge chipset fiasco kind of threw a wrench in the works around here. We always have plenty to write about, believe me, but many of our plans now have to change—especially since we have a system guide due soon. Also, heck, let me ask you: would you want to read a bunch of Sandy Bridge mobo reviews between now and April if the boards 1) aren't available and 2) don't include the SATA controller fix? They'd otherwise perform the same, but does anyone care? Perhaps we'll just concentrate on, you know, cooling fans and USB thumb drives between now and then.

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