External hard drives get Lamborghini branding

Automotive branding has infected the world of external storage devices. Gizmag has word that Asus is rolling out a series of external hard drives draped with Lamborghini logos. As much as I hate to admit it, the drive's styling rather nicely channels Italy's raging bull.

There are, however, a few problems. Glossy paint might play well on cars, but it makes little sense for portable devices designed to be handled. Besides, Lamborghini's angular styling looks great with matte paint.

More disappointing is the fact that two of three models will reportedly be offered with only USB 2.0 connectivity. Those versions will use 5,400-RPM notebook drives with 500 and 750GB capacities, so they have plenty of horsepower under the hood. We've seen WD's 5,400-RPM Scorpio Blue 750GB sustain transfer rates of roughly double USB 2.0's real-world bandwidth.

The only model whose performance might be worthy of the Lamborghini brand is the lone USB 3.0 derivative, which features a 7,200-RPM notebook drive with a 750GB capacity. There's no word on how much the USB 3.0 version might cost, but it surely won't be cheap. Gizmag quotes prices of $119 and $139 for the 500 and 750GB USB 2.0 drives. To put those prices into perspective, consider that you can get a full terabyte of USB 3.0 external storage for just $120.

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