GeForce GT 440 goes retail... sort of

Last year, Nvidia quietly introduced the GeForce GT 440, an "OEM only" DirectX 11 graphics card reserved for pre-built PCs. Today, we see several of Nvidia's partners have released retail cards that bear the same name but feature different specifications. Some of those retail GeForce GT 440s are already selling at Newegg for $79.99 to $84.99 before shipping.

While it's based on the same Fermi architecture, the retail GT 440 differs from its "OEM-only" namesake in almost all respects. Nvidia's reference design has a full-height circuit board, and the stream processor count, quickest supported memory type, and memory interface width are all different:

Card SPs Core
GeForce GT 440 96 810 MHz 1620 MHz 128-bit 1 GB 3.2 GT/s GDDR5
GeForce GT 440 (OEM) 144 594 MHz 1189 MHz 192-bit 3 GB 1.8 GT/s GDDR3

Complementing the Galaxy and MSI cards selling at Newegg, Asus and Zotac have both announced GeForce GT 440 variants, as well. All feature custom, dual-slot coolers, and the Asus model has a slightly higher-than-normal core clock speed of 822MHz. The Zotac offerings have 512MB or 1GB of 3.2GT/s GDDR5 RAM, while the lone Asus card comes with 1GB of identically clocked memory as standard. Check out the image gallery below for more pictures of the newcomers.

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