Asus to refund, replace products affected by 6-series chipset bug

Add Asus to the list of motherboard makers with an official response to Intel's 6-series chipset flaw. The company has posted an open letter to customers and partners detailing how it's addressing the issue. Like Gigabyte and MSI, Asus has halted shipments of all 6-series products, including motherboards and notebooks. The firm is also promising the "hassle-free return and/or replacement of all affected ASUS products."

The letter doesn't offer much in the way of specifics on how replacements or returns will be handled, but it looks like everything will go through normal warranty channels. Users with questions are encouraged to call Asus' support line, and numbers are provided for a range of regions. I just got off the phone with Asus' North American support line and was told that folks with affected boards should contact the original place of purchase for the skinny on refunds and returns. Obviously, Asus won't have replacement 6-series motherboards ready until new chipsets are available.

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