Chrome breaks 10% usage share, says Net Applications

Although Microsoft still dominates the web browser arena, it now has to contend with two rival browsers whose usage shares have climbed into the double digits: Firefox and Chrome. Net Applications' latest figures show that Chrome went over the 10% threshold for the first time in January, while IE continued to lose ground not just to Google's browser, but also to Safari and Opera.

Here's a little chart I whipped up based on Net Applications' reported usage share data for the past three months:

Browser November
usage share
usage share
usage share
Internet Explorer 58.44% 57.08% 56.00%
Firefox 22.76% 22.81% 22.75%
Chrome 9.26% 9.98% 10.70%
Safari 5.55% 5.89% 6.30%
Opera 2.20% 2.23% 2.28%

Okay, so I suppose Chrome was already pretty close to the 10% mark last month. Nevertheless, this latest round of figures shows folks are still switching to the Google browser. The same goes for Safari, which comes pre-installed on Macs and is also available for Windows. Net Applications detected a 0.25-point increase in Mac OS X's usage share between December and January, so some of Safari's growth presumably occurred on the Windows side.

Firefox's usage share, meanwhile, seems to be very slowly inching down—Net Applications reported a 24.43% usage share for that browser a year ago. Perhaps the imminent release of Firefox 4.0 will reverse that trend.

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