MSI to let users return, swap Sandy Bridge boards, too

On the heels of Asus, Gigabyte, and MicroCenter, MSI has also issued an official statement about its plans for the current crop of Sandy Bridge motherboards, which all suffer from a chipset bug that degrades performance. The long and short of it is that, just like its competitors, MSI is letting customers either return or replace affected mobos. Here are the details straight from the company:

1.    Product swap
If you are confident and willing to wait we can swap your current Intel 6 series based product in a brand new MSI product which is based on the new B3 stepping of the Intel 6 series which solves the current SATA2 port issues. If you have an MSI 6 series mainboard you can – for the short term - connect your storage devices to the safe white SATA3 ports on your mainboard, for more detailed instructions please click here.
This MSI product you get swapped will have similar or better specs. These new MSI products will become available in April and this way you will miss your product only for a very short period of time. You can identify the new products by a clear sticker on the color box. We will release details about this procedure before the end of February.
2.    Product return
If you are not confident about your current MSI based 6 series product MSI offers you the possibility to return the product to your point of purchase which will credit you. Please make sure to back-up your personal data. 

(No, the "click here" bit doesn't link anywhere even on the official MSI page. White Serial ATA ports shouldn't be too hard to find, though.)

It's worth stressing that MSI doesn't expect replacement motherboards to become available until April. Gigabyte made a slightly more optimistic prediction yesterday, saying its bug-free boards would be out in volume by April. Clearly, early Sandy Bridge adopters are going to be stuck in limbo for some time.

Update: MSI now has provided more info and a proper registration link here.

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