Poll: What's the worst PC hardware bug?

Intel's 6-series chipset bug has dominated the headlines this week, and for good reason. The flaw has been traced back to a single transistor and only affects the long-term performance of the chipset's 3Gbps Serial ATA ports, but it's effectively brought the Sandy Bridge platform to a grinding halt. You can't run a Sandy Bridge CPU without a 6-series chipset, and the new stepping isn't due to start shipping out to Intel's customers until the end of the month.

This rather unique situation has us wondering where the chipset bug fits among other PC hardware flaws. Is it worse than the Phenom TLB bug or the problems Intel had with the old 820 chipset's MTH? What about IBM's notorious Deathstar 75GXPs and the Pentium FDIV bug? We've come up with a list of PC hardware bugs for our latest poll, and we'd like to know which you think is the worst

In last week's poll, we asked where you get most of your video content. As expected, "Yarrr" proved the most popular answer, commanding 35% of the vote. 22% of folks rely primarily on a cable/satellite/digital TV service, while 20% stream most of their video online. Over-the-air TV broadcasts are the primary video source for 6% of those who voted, with the same percentage favoring DVD and Blu-ray purchases. Only 1% get most of their video through downloadable purchases, while 5% have other sources. Finally, 4% of voters would like to point out smugly that they don't watch video.

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