OCZ adds three 80 Plus Gold-rated PSUs

That new line of 80 Plus Gold-certified OCZ power supplies we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show has officially launched. Dubbed the ZX Series, the lineup includes 850W, 1000W, and 1250W models, all fully modular and rated to operate at 92% efficiency under a "typical" load.

I'm not being hyperbolic about the "fully modular" part, by the way. Unlike typical modular PSUs (and all of OCZ's prior designs), the ZX units don't have pre-wired ATX and auxiliary 12V power cables, so the bare units are completely cable-free:

Along with a generous helping of modular cables, OCZ outfits ZX Series PSUs with single 12V rails, "ultra-quiet" 140-mm ball-bearing fans, and five-year warranty coverage. All three units have also received CrossFire and SLI certification, so they won't catch on fire if you try to hook 'em up to a pair of Radeons or GeForces—that's always good.

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